World Hindu Federation Nepal

Aim and Objectives

Aims and objectives:


  1. To foster Educational, Cultural, Social and Spiritual affinities among the Hindus by promoting the philosophies of Omkar Pariwar.


  1. To serve and /or strengthen institutions and organizations that serve orphans, senior citizens, disabled, widows, poor and needy.



  1. To study the philosophical, spiritual and cultural ways of lives of the Rishis, Maharshis and Saints.


  1. To create awareness for the protection of cows and eradicate orthodox discriminatory social practices and anomalies of custom, beliefs and rituals without infringing the basic principles enumerated in the Holy Scriptures.



  1. To establish, preserve and support educational Institutions for the promotion of study, research and promotion of scriptures in Sanskrit, Prakrit, Pali, Gurumukhi, Tibetan, Sinhalese, Chinese etc., all languages as communicated by the hindus.


  1. To contribute towards global peace through promotion of ‘Vasudhaica Kutumbam’ Philosophy (whole of mankind is one family) and maintain partnership with international organization of similar objectives.



  1. To work against suppressive activities around the world and initiate/hold dialogues with governments and relevant organizations including Human Rights Organization wherever felt necessary.


  1. To strengthen the voice and rights of the hindus through public and private channels for general awareness.


  1. (i) to undertake production and publication of books, periodic jourals and newspapers together with modern audio-visual materials in Sanskrit and other languages in order to promote the objectives of the Federation.(ii) To provide translations of hindu scriptures for Hindus residing in different parts of the world in local languages.



  1. To establish museums, reading rooms and libraries for cultures, antique Hindu materials like coins, painting, etc.,


  1. To hold meetings, seminars and conferences to disseminate and promote Hindu ideals,



  1. To organize regular programmes of singing hymn (BhajanKirtan) and semons at local, national and international levels,


  1. To establish and support centres for the practice of Yoga as propounded in the scriptures for the physical, mental and spiritual development of mankind and to encourage Yoga in educational institutions,



  1. To create awareness to eliminate superstitions and orthodoxies


  1. To launch organized protests against immoral and inhuman activities undertaken by any religious community or nation, which are contrary to the spirit of Hindu ideals,


  1. To harness popular support for the promotion and propagating of Hindu values and practices by framing and propagating uniform CODE OF CONDUCT.


  1. To establish,, upkeep, promote or render assistance to Maths, Temples, Ashrams, vihars, Upasana Kendras, Gurudwaras, and other Shrine of hindu Deities,


  1. To establish, manage or upkeep (where needs arise) render assistance to chairtable and welfare institutions, which serve the cause of the orphans, the widows, the old, the disabled, the infirm and the poors,


  1. To make constant efforts to develop a curriculum and an educational system based an Hindu Culture or valuesm


  1. To organize and operate a Volunteer Corps for accomplishing the objectives of the Federation,


  1. To create awareness among the people all over the world on the importance of cow as a source of popular benefit, and also as a key to the maintenance of ecological balance and also establish, operate, preserve and co-operate (on organizational or individual basis) cow sanctuary (Gaushala around the world)



  1. To accept and acquire charity, grants, gifts, etc. form individuals, communities, institutions, and gifts for fulfilling the objectives of the Federation.

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